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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yonana, It's My Birthday

That was my chant, 
ever since I saw a product called a "Yonana"
 on Anderson Live.

Can't remember when the show was on,
but it was sometime 
before the birthday this month.

The product look SO GOOD
and better yet

Take frozen fruit, 
push it through a machine
and end up with ice cream/sorbet.
No sugar, no milk products,
just the nutrients in the fruit.

We found one at Best Buy for $39.99.
Of course, they were sold out..
Next door at Bed Bath and Beyond
they had a HUGE display
in the window at a price of $49.99.

Went back a couple days later,
still sold out at BB
so the husband spent $49.99 on me.
Well, really on us.

The packaging says it all.
The machine, bananas and the end result.

The machine did look like the picture.

But the ice cream/sorbet came out 
more in strips than the "ooze"
you get from soft serve ice cream. 

I used 1 1/2 Bananas 
(recipe says use 2, but I only had 3) 
and 1 C of frozen strawberries.

I think I should have let then defrost a little more
that would, probably, have made it smoother.

the end result was pretty 
(I thought about you, Pammy Sue and Beverooni, we I used it.)

What you see in the photo is one serving!
Can you believe it?

I told the husband that the next time we make it,
we are sharing a serving.
It was more than I could eat.

Guess this counting calories
and working out three days a week
is making a dent in my stomach.

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