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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Did I have fun?

Have you ever seen the video clip of Jim More, when he was coaching the Indianapolis Colts, talking about them making the "Play Offs?"

If not, you need to see it before I go on or you will have NO IDEA what I'm talking about.

Dear Denise,

"Had Fun" (sounding like Jim Mora)? You are asking me if I "Had Fun" shopping at Michael's yesterday?

Is the Pope Catholic? Do bears * * * * in the woods?

I was like a pig in a slop hole, but mine was a Vanna's Choice (yarn) hole . . . "okay, Paula, let's pick out the colors in the yellow family that I want. Now the reds, followed by greens and blues. Oh, and don't forget the neutrals and mists (variegated for those who don't use Vanna's yarn.)"

I had picked up a new laundry basket . . . 80% off, WHOOPIE! ! !  I just kept throwing yarn in . . . reminded me of the old TV show, "Supermarket Sweep" where you had( was it 3 minutes?) a set amount of time to go through a supermarket and toss as much into your cart(s) as you can . . then they would add it up.

Yep . . . I did my own Supermarket Sweep through the Vanna's Choice Yarn section of Michael's yesterday . . . and was as thrilled with my purchases as if I had won a sweep in a super market.

I am proud to announce that, as of last night, all of the yarn has been put into two plastic, rolling, storage containers under my bed. I wonder if this is a subliminal way for me to "sleep on my money?"  LOLOL

Now, for today's "Fur~Baby update:

I have had a "picture in my mind" of the Valentine's Day  hat I want to make for Miss Elizabeth. I made three, or maybe four, attempts at  it today. ALL with NO LUCK :(

So, I am back to my old stand by . . . a ski hat with banana curls and bells on it. I found some Tivoli yarn (by Sundance). It is a softly fuzzy light red yarn with a white thread running through it that, every once in a while, will have a thicker section of white. So I will have the colors right for "V" Day. Hope I have enough yarn for the banana curls. If not, they may just have to be done in the brown Tivoli I found.

It'd UGLY outside today. The sky has been full of clouds carrying snow, but nothing has dropped. I think it would have been a happier day if it snowed. Then. at least, the sky would have been covered by flakes :)

Hum, there was something else on my mind that I wanted to ask everyone today, but, of course, I can't remember it. Hope I remember it for the next post!

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