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Friday, January 4, 2013

House Cleaning Part Deaux

Yes, I house cleaned again today . . and this time, I actually mean cleaning in the house.

Now, as they say on the news programs . . . full disclosure . . . I didn't clean anything a "normal" person would clean. I cleaned what a crocheter would clean . . . my yarn!

Several weeks ago . . . like between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a columnist for the local newspaper wrote an article inquiring if there were any groups in the area who could use yarn. You know, the yarn that just lays around your house that you have meant to use, might even have a pattern picked out for the yarn, but, for the life of you, you just never can get around to it. Finally, your inspiration is gone, but the yarn is still taking up space.

Yes, I see you sitting out there, reading your computer screen and thinking I just snooped in your house and saw your stash. I can look through my screen (I call it reverse Skye) and see that guilty look coming over your face.

You know you are guilty, don't you! Yes, I mean you, Missy ! ! ! 

The next Saturday, her article was titled "Everybody wants My Yarn." And, as the husband read it to me (he reads the paper first) I got the idea that everyone DID want her yarn.

Here is the list she had:
1. A group at a local hospital knits squares for lap robes for extended care residence and hospice patients.
2. A woman from the local VFW knits chemo hats and hats for the homeless and Veterans.
3. A group at an independent living facility has a knitting/crocheting group that make squares and then pieces them together for lap robes for cancer patients at our local cancer hospital. Oh all of these ladies are over 70.
4. A group of ladies, one who works at a local jewelers, who make scarves, hats, slippers, lap robes, etc, for various charities.
5. Two local churches have  knitting ministries for prayer shawls and other items.

I got my act together, moved the TV (we still have an old, heavy one so this was a two person job) out and pulled the box of yarn that has been sitting there for 4 years . . I had bought everything I needed to make a ripple afghan for my, now 4 year old, niece when she was born. I wanted it to be really war,. so I was using two strands of yarn . . . the box must have been 20" x 36" and jammed full.

Well, moving the TV out led to re-arranging the living room, which led to cleaning out Indy's hairs form behind all of the furniture. Yep, one long, but productive, afternoon.

Ever since, that box had been sitting out in the living room . . . no longer hid behind the treadle sewing machine that hold the TV.

Next, I went through Grandma's dresser, that sits in the living room, and pulled out all of the cones of cotton yarn that I bought when they were on sale and haven't used . . and are colors I really don't like so I know I won't use them. Those skeins and cones (yes, there were skeins in those drawers too) sat in another box on top of the afghan yarn box . . . both out in the living room to add more of a mess to the living room through the holidays.

Well, this morning was the morning! I brought in the box of tall kitchen trash bags into the living room and went through both boxes, skein/cone by skein/cone, deciding which ones were REALLY going to leave my house for greener pastures. I ended up with two bags full, and I mean F*U*L*L ! ! ! ! ! I could barely lift the bags. But, now, they are in the back of the van ready to be dropped off at my choice of "yarnie" places.

I decided on the local hospital. They have an adult day care center and a hospice/extended care wing. It is warming my heart to know that my yarn will be used to comfort someone who is experiencing difficult circumstances.

Now, all I need to do is get them to the hospital . . wonder how long THAT will take me?

So, guess what I did this morning, after exercising . . . went to Michael's to stock up on Vanna's Choice . . . the only yarn I can use that doesn't dry my hands out. Now, I stocked up for a reason. I got an email from Michael's that said 20% off had been added to my Rewards Card in celebration of my birth month! 

Wanna know how much I spent? Well, let's just say that 20% off gave me a savings of $35 . . . so I am ready for om major crocheting now. I am thinking it is time to make the "1 Fish, 2 Fish" fish counting game for the great niece's June birthday.

I'll let you know when I start and keep you updated as to my progress.

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  1. I love the idea of cleaning out yarn and then going to buy more...lol!

    And I can do math and I know how much you spent -- hehe, did you have fun??


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