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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

House Cleaning

I would like to say W*E*L*C*O*M*E to Terri, Denise and Xtrami (if that really is your name?) to my new place in bloggy-land. Hope we grow and flourish. I know this is my year to grow and flourish and I so hope you come with me on this new journey.

I don't clean house. Never liked to do it. I am my mother's daughter. I couldn't wait until I earned enough money to hire Cathy to come, twice a month, to dust and sweep. It was always a wonderful feeling to open the back door and be greeted by the smell of a clean home.

I have yet to find a service, or individual, in my new home town that is affordable enough for me to have visit us twice a month. And with w shedding dog and four shedding cats, we really need it.

But, I digress . . . there is my favorite word again . . . this post isn't about 'house" house cleaning. It is about housecleaning this blog.

By now, some of you have found me at my new web address http://paulagaumertooke.blogspot.com/ ). I hope more of you find me in the near future. I feel that a new year and a new blog address may bring out the best in me this year. If not . . . let me know and I will pick up the thrill of my old blog :)

Second blog related thing-y I
did was clean out the list of people I followed. I had WAY too many sites to even try to read every day. So many of them didn't publish daily and there were some who haven't published in almost a year. So I cleaned house . . but, does anyone know what has happened with GREYT BALLS OF YARN

I so enjoyed her blog and then, I think, she went back to work and quit posting. When I really enjoy a blog, I feel like I know the person and worry about them when they don't post as often as they did.
Leo and Pee Wee are in the top left pix
(and I believe they are on Kat's lap).
Misty is in the top right pix.
Misty and Pee Wee were Leo's parents.
Leo came back to live with Kat
when his human daddy died.

Like Kat from HOOKIN' WITH MR. LICK LICK. When Leo, aka Mr Lick Lick, passed, it was hard on her and she hasn't posted since. I do need to send her and email and tell her how much I miss reading about her crocheting, family and day to day life.

As luck would have it, I went back to her blog today and discovered she started a new blog . . sound familiar? She is now Chain Stitch Crochet. I must leave her a comment telling her I have found her . . LOLOL I wonder if she was lost or if I was?

Now, back to my newest project . . . making Danish Hearts for Natalie's Second Chance Shelter. I need to get these mailed out to them so they have them to sell at their Second Hand Shop (get it, second hand?) before Valentines Day has come and gone.

Will post pictures before I send them. They are quile a conglomeration of colors . . . trying to use us my "stash" in a creative way.

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  1. I know what you mean about bloggers disappearing - I've had two that I really liked and had emailed both women - even did a SAL with one and the other sent me a pin cushion - both gone now. I fear the one may have passed - she had a baby and then discovered her breast cancer had returned. I've emailed and heard nothing at all. The other - is just gone - no replies to her email either.


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