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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WOW . . . I'm up to 13 followers :)

Makes me HAPPY ! ! !

 xtrami nowaym, Denise, Terri, Carla, Bev, Sharon, Nat, Sarah, Shirlee and Keri

I need to think of something for a
"Welcome to My New Blog"

Any suggestions?


  1. Crochet a cat and give it to me. ;-)

  2. From: Shirlee
    The Easily Influenced Stitcher

    I am a new follower & tried to leave a comment on your blog this morning where you asked about what people would want for a giveaway, telling you that your enjoyable blog is gift enough : ) Sadly, Blogger is not letting me comment on any blogs that have the comment box underneath all the comments below their post. Hopefully they will get this fixed soon but in the meantime I wanted to let you know I'm out here, I'm reading, & I'm enjoying : )

    The Easily Influenced Stitcher

  3. Congrats on your new blog. :) I finally started following you. Lol.

    I also finally made some Christmas Crack, last night (you posted about it on one of your blogs before). It's really good, I can see why she calls it Crack. ;) I don't have any idea what you could do for a giveaway, but congrats on the new blog. :)


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