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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jessika's Square

In the Softly Spring Swap, in Vanna's Choice Fan Club, on Ravelry, I had made eleven of the twelve 9" x 9" squares I needed. Ten of the squares have been mailed out, #11 is blocked and in it's envelope and I was searching for a pattern for #12.

I remembered a square I had made quite a while ago for Merrian in another swap in Vanna's Choice. I designed it for her. I really liked how it turned out.

Merrian's Square

There was something about the simplicity of the stitches and the colors that I like.

I tried to copy it for my last Softly Spring square, but I only had soft pink, pink, olive and chocolate to work with, She only wanted olive and chocolate for accents. It would have worked had I not run out of the white that was one of the colors we were using.

So, I took two steps back and punted. Here is the square I came up with.
Jessika's Square
If you would like the pattern for either square, just click on the name below each picture and enjoy your pattern :)

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