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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yarn and Yard Things

Finally, the daffodils have come back to my house!
(Said like The Rock on WWE.)

Everyday I have been checking out the Daffys when we pull in our driveway . . . to give you some perspective, the front of the bed touches the front sidewalk, the right side touches the driveway and the left side touches the sidewalk that leads to the steps/front door. So the "WELCOME" stone, made by my BFF in Indiana as a housewarming gift, really does welcome you to our home.

They remind me of a childhood rhyme about a flower "tipping her head." The breeze (Or is it a wind when the temperature is cool?) just moves them enough that they look like little dancing ballerinas in yellow tutus. (I am such a horrible typist . . . but it would have made a funny post, I hit the kep to the right of the "u" when I typed tutus . . . look on your keyboard and see what I typed . . LOLOL)

Now, for the yarn part of the title. I am in a swap on Ravelry in the Vanna's Choice group. The theme is Softly Spring. The colors are a light and dark pink along with white, green and brown. When I had the yarns together the first time I thought o the Cherry Blossoms that are now blooming in Washington, DC.

The swap was for 12 squares that need to be 9" x 9". This will end up with a 27" wide by 16" long afghan/throw. AS you can tell, I am waiting for the last two blocks.

I have just driven myself NUTZ! I had all but one person checked off for sending me squares . . but I was two short? I checked and double checked my list . . all here but one square :/

Okay, now I better go through everyone else's lists and see if everyone has sent to me on their list. 

B*I*N*G*O ! ! ! !First person I check doesn't have me listed as a sent square . . . so I check my list, I had forgotten to  put them on my list of received . . so, there is my 12th square.

W*H*E*W! All my blocks are accounted for . . . now waiting on the last two then I can add a border and mail it to either Lauren or one of the pet groups I support. Wherever I send it, it will be sold, or raffled, to support a tax free group :)

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  1. I've really go to join in on one of these square swaps one of these days. I'm always drooling over the ones you make & receive : )


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