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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bathroom Remodel FINISHED ! ! ! ! !

Today I finished our bathroom remodel. All I needed to do was figure out how much ribbon I would need to go through the grommets I put in and then go around the shower rod. It ended up being 12" . . . then I could trim off the ends into angles so it won't unravel too soon.
Not exactly "Americana Blue" on the ribbon
but the gold on the ribbon matched the gold s tars in the curtain
and their are gold flecks throughout the curtain material

Get ready for a load of pictures . . . I want to document every thing here. Sad thing is, I only have two before pictures, but they will give you the idea of what the room looked like . . . very 70's.

We left the bead board up
but everything else you see in this corner is gone.

VERY QUICKLY after we moved in
I had the husband take out the shower door.
I have never liked them,
I like to use the shower as a focal point for color.
Every season, or every whim,
I can change a shower curtain and change the look of the room.
PLUS . . . I kept hitting my foot on the bottom track when I got out of the tub.
Okay, got a picture in mind of what the room looked like?

Our tour begins with the wall next to the door. This wall separates the bath from the dining room.

This picture does a good job of showing off the marbling we did to the walls. When the wallpaper, that had been on the walls for almost 40 years, was taken down, there were a lot of places that needed fixed/covered up. The marbling really hides a "multitude" of sins.

Yes, that is a poinsettia in the corner. This is the ONLY place in the house where we can put it and the cats won't get to it. Plus, I remember to water it here. And, one of my FAVORITE things on this wall is the calendar you see under the basket (which has all of our appointment cards in it). I never remembered to look at the calendar in the kitchen, but, now, I look at it several times a day . . . if you catch my drift.

The next picture is of the east wall. It backs up to the butler's pantry off the kitchen. When they took down the hanging lights over the sink, one of the hooks got left in place. Viola . . . use it as a plant hanger for the Christmas Cactus that needs my TLC all year . . . even though it will be moving outside soon.

We bought the shelves at Ollie's Outlet 2 years ago. The medicine cabinet and faucet we bought at Valu on sale. The light fixture was a close-out/clearance item at one of the local "lighting" stores. I think we paid $18 - $25 for it . . . and it included the prettiest beveled glass globes. 

The lamp was a wedding present from the husband's uncle and aunt. It actually has a pink globe, but I like it so much for a bathroom "night light" that I have kept it in our bathroom both in Indiana and now here.

Now we are moving to the north wall . . we are all of 10 feet away from the neighbors house. My MIL has shutters on the window for privacy . . they were something else I had the husband take down pretty quickly so I could have light in the bathroom. 

Then I ended up with a bare window that I couldn't decide what type of curtains to put up. We finally bought a frosted glass window which has helped TREMENDOUSLY.  

Oh, look under the shelf at our towel rod . . we bought the wooden pieces to hold the shelves when we bought the shelves. I thought there might be enough room to drill a hole and run a dowel rod through it, thus a towel and wash rag hanger . . . again, VIOLA! That idea worked too.

When we found the material I used for the shower curtains, there was about 1 yard left over. I took it and figured I could do something over the window. I cut the material in half, right on the fold, and sewed the ends together . . you can see at the middle how the stripes don't match . . . but I didn't care. I liked this so much when we put it up on the star curtain hangers.

By the way, before we started remodeling, I knew I wanted
Americana." I found the stars for the curtains AND stars for the drawers. I knew I would need 6 drawer pulls for the linen closet. Since I didn't know how many drawers I would have on the vanity, I bought 6, hoping that would be enough. It was perfect . . I used three on the vanity drawers and the two went on the medicine cabinet.

 I don't know how well you can see the vanity behind the cactus, but it has a mirrored door and then a smaller section to the right with a narrower door with a frosted glass design in the door. This double door, frosted glass it what  made me fall in love with the cabinet.

Now for the shower curtains. This is on the west wall, which backs up the living room. TO the left of the curtains is the linen closet. You will notice the curtains almost touch the floor. This is another reason why I sew my own shower curtains . . . I like them to go form ceiling to floor. 

Oh, and the tie-backs are another story. I had the woman at Joann's cut the material into three "equal" lengths. well, the last length was shorter, due to what was left on the bolt.  So, I cut one of the three lengths in half, again, on the fold, and sewed each one to one of the other panels . . . then, I cut the material that was too long off of the longer panel. 

I made a long tube, which I turned inside out, not knowing if it would work as a tie back. It did, but I tied the knot in the front and it lays quite well.

I was amazed, when I moved the rod to position it . . . these curtains would have touched the ceiling if I could have stretched that far. Oh, to the far right you can see one of the small star knobs I used on the linen closet, medicine cabinet and vanity.

This is the final view . . . along with our towel rods, which are part of a unit that has metal pieces that fit through the hinges of the door. I can NEVER decide on where I want towel rods, so, I had one similar to this one, in a tiny bathroom I once had. SO I searched the web for this on.

All in all, we only bought the  vanity at full rice . . . everything else was on sale . . . YEAH FOR US!

The shower curtains were made from two 9" lengths of material and one 8 3/4 yard length of material.

The window curtain was made out of one yard of material.

There is 15 feet of ribbon used to hold up the shower curtain.

Now, if I ever need to do this again, I have the info for what I need to buy for curtains :)


  1. Yeah for you! This has been a long time coming. Looks fab! Love the shower curtain.

  2. Very cheery Paula. You are so creative. Isn't it nice when we make things just to our liking and our needs? :o)
    And these days saving money while doing it is important.
    Today we went to Lowe's and I couldn't wait to check out all the clearance items. Didn't find a thing but sure enjoyed the looking. :o)
    Hope your husband is as pleased as you are with your new bathroom.

  3. Your small room looks lovely, and all done at cost, what a bonus, if you get fed up with your join in the curtails, cove it with the same ribbon as used as shower curtains hangers. What a great idea to have your appointment calander in there.
    Enjoy your showers

  4. Wow, I love it! I know you're a happy camper it's done. :o) I know what you mean about the boobs, I actually thought the same thing myself. Hope this finds you and Gene well. :o) xoxox


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