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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PonyTails . . . 2012 and 2013

This year, I thought I wouldn't have enough hair for a decent ponytail. I was worried about how I would  be able to keep cool.

 In the summer, I have to pull my hair into a ponytail, my hair is so thick on the back of my head, that even a short haircut in the summer, the back of my head is hot and sweaty. With a pony, I can get the thick  hair pulled up and the back get some air to cool it off.

Here is what it looks like this year.

Don't you just LOVE the heart hanging in my star knob? It was made by Marlene from Poppy Patchwork. She does some of the best cross stitch I have ever seen. (Denise, you MUST check out her blog.)

Here is my pony last Sept before I got it cut off. Sure was a lot longer :) Normally, I wore it a lot higher on my head so my neck would be cool.

Here's the hair after the pony was cut off. I'll probably get this same cut this Sept. I like my hair better short, but I need a winter to grow a pony, so it is a cycle of hair growing.

I just realized my hair doesn't look as dark this year. Wonder why?  The only gray I have is around my face so it isn't showing in the pony. Maybe it's the light. Who knows?


  1. I cannot imagine Summer with hair as thick as yours (mine is a lot thinner) but I agree with you on sporting ponies in the heat (although mine is in a bun then)! I despise hair in my neck with the summer heat.

  2. The camera never lies, only joking, your hair is growing quickly. Love your bath room xxx. Thanks for the very nice comments.

  3. I thought your pony looked dark this year. Can't believe your hair grows that quickly! And I follow Poppy Patchwork - I have some puddings she crocheted for me.

  4. Your hair looks nice any which way you wear it, and I think you're very lucky to have a very generous amount of it! Mine is long-ish, but very thin.. Always HAS been. I never find the nerve to cut it off, so I only trim it now and then. I don't wear one EVERY day, but you'll catch me with a ponytail year-round, no matter the season. Summer is definitely on its way, as we did just recently hit above ninety degrees! In my hot, non-air-conditioned apartment, a ponytail can be an absolute MUST! Right now, we are looking into putting up a ceiling fan in my kitchen, but the job looks complicated (as for electrical wiring and safely-securely hanging it in this old building), so it's possibly not even worth doing. Cross your fingers for me, though! I'm no spring chick anymore, and these days, the cooler the better! (0; Stay cool, yourself, and have a great day, Paula! ~tina


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