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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flower Update

Garden Pictures
from July 4th.

LOVE my "cemetery" flower bed.
The flag is new.
We found it at a market/garden shop.
and the veterans boots and rick sack on the porch.

Earlier in the day,
I took these at dusk,
all of the moss rose were in full bloom.

I REALLY cut the Butterfly Bush back this spring.
Guess it didn't  hurt it,
the blooms came out full 
and the shape looks just right . . . 
for this year, at least :)

Pretty, Pretty Front Yard.
Hoping it says WELCOME
to those walking by.

Easter Lilies,
yes, the ones bought for the church alter on Easter.
These come from a plant my mother-in-law
received one Easter.
The blooms, on their best day,
looked like fried eggs . . . 
clean, crisp white with a yellow yolk center.

Cucumbers on the left and green beans on the right.
I know, we planted late,
but, hopefully, we will get a decent crop.


  1. Your garden looks good, love your flowers. The blue flower you asked about is Lobia, I have plants every where, they are trailing, but at this point they are upright, hope as they get bigger they will drape over my pots. Have a good weekend. xxxxx

  2. Love your yard! The pictures are great and yes, it does look welcoming.

    We planted late too, so don't feel bad! :-)


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