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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pink Roses Sampler

YEAH ! ! ! ! I got THE BEST package in the mail today.

Marlene, from Poppy Patchwork,
does THE BEST cross stitch.

She reminds me a lot of me when I cross stitched.
If I liked a pattern, I made it,
not always knowing if I would keep it,
or what I would do with it.

This is one of the projects she gave away.

Can you believe it!
All that work, and she gave it away.
I am SO GLAD I read her blog daily
or I would have missed the chance
to say, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Now, those who follow me
know I have a red, white and blue bathroom
during the spring and summer.

So, how could I put something pink
and flowery in my bath.


This corner was naked.
When we added the shelves,
which we received as wedding presents in 2003,
the husband found some flower prints
we had bought at an art fair.
He placed who on each shelf
and they look great!

The r/w/b shower curtain 
is on the wall opposite from the poinsettia
(which is now on the front porch.)
While the r/w/b swag 
is on the wall opposite form the red basket.
So these two walls are plain white faux marble.
The perfect canvas for other colors.

Here is where the sampler will be going.

It will hang on the wall
behind the Marion Allen water color.

Oh, in this pix
you can see two of the florals on one shelf.

When I get the sampler framed,
I'll post before and after pix.

Then, the bath will be COMPLETE! ! !


  1. She does amazing work doesn't she? Congrats on winning it!

  2. I'm so glad you love it, it was fun to stitch. And it will be great to know it's not folded in my work box any more.


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