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Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Beans and Sausage

This is BY FAR my FAVORITE comfort food of the summer.

I know, I know,
not the BEST photo.

But once you try this recipe
you will find out why I
LOVE it.

1 pkg Eckrich Smoked Sausage (Hillshire also works great) DO NOT use low fat, or turkey/chicken smoked sausage ! ! ! ! !
3# Fresh Green Beans
1 large Onion 
Optional: Ketchup

About the ONLY thing you need to balance out is the 3:1 ration of the beans to the sausage. If you use less that 3:1, your beans and meat will not serve evenly.

1. Clean and snap green beans. placing in a stock pot with water.
2. Cut sausage in bite sized portions, add to stock  pot.
3. Slice onion in half and then cut in strips, add to stock  pot.
4. Potatoes, can use anything from new potatoes to bakers, cut into sizes comparable to the sausage, add to stock  pot.

5. Fill stock  pot with water within 1" of the top.
6. Bring mixture up to a rolling boil, then simmer for several hours . . . do not add more water. You want the broth to become concentrated flavor.

You can serve it, in a soup bowl, now, but I prefer to let it cool over night, and reheat for supper the 2nd day.

When I eat mine, I like putting ketchup on the sausage and potatoes. The husband likes it on those AND his green beans. The heat of the food and the coldness of the ketchup compliment each other.

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  1. I've never had green beans with sausage, but it looks yummy! I'm sure this recipe is delicious. I know green beans take great with ham. Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!


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