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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Journey

I have been on a journey this past year. It started 28 July 2012 and continues through this day. Very hopefully, it will continue on for a few years more.

I can't remember if I had posted about this journey . . . but here is the beginning and end of this first year.

Along the way, I could feel small changes. Like, at Christmas when I asked for, and received two new tops in the 4X size I like. (Mom and I always said we liked to wear tops/jammies that we could turn around inside of and this was how I liked my shirts. When I tried them on, they were a lot bigger than I expected.

I was TOTALLY amazed when I saw these two pictures side by side. Granted, the one on the left is a little closer, but still, the difference is amazing . . . and, pound wise, I believe it is less than a 30 pound loss.

As I compare the photos this time, I can see a change in the "rolls" at the elbow. Man . . . it is still a surprise seeing these pictures. After a year, I don;t see any difference when I look in the mirror . . it just looks like me, Paula Sue Gaumer Tooke.

I think the first thing I noticed was my chin . . . not as many as I had when I started. Next, I realized that my ankles were smaller . . . what a weird thing to notice, but they aren't as "swollen" looking as before.

Now, I can't wait to see how the inside of my body has changed. I get my year end blood work before I go to the doctor in a couple months, I'll get blood work done. MAN ALIVE, I so hope the inside numbers look as good as I feel the outside numbers look.

Am I bragging, no . . . I am just in a state of semi-shock that this difference has occurred.


  1. Congrats Paula! I can see a big difference. Great job!

  2. You brag girl, you look great, well done, it's not easy to loose weight at any time in your life. We all struggle and we love it when we can see someone winning their battle.

  3. You are smaller all over! Great job. You're looking great!

  4. Congratulations, Paula. I can't lose weight for anything lately..


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