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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cold Pack Skin Burn , With Gross Pictures

Have you EVER heard of such a thing . . . Cold Pack Burn on the skin? Well, I never have, and I have used Cold Packs for my arthritic lower back for years. As a matter of fact, the Cold Packs I use are the ones I received when I had the meniscus on my left knee scoped.

Well, let me tell you . . I found out yesterday it can, and did, happen to "little old" me.

Early last evening, I reached around to rub the left center of my back and the skin felt weird . . like someone had fused a piece of thick leather onto it. I asked the husband to take a look and this is what he found.

I had to have him take a picture because, as you can see by the
crease in the middle, it is "right smack dab" in the middle of my back. He said it was even shaped like the top section of the cold pack.

In this picture, you can see the blisters starting to form. As a matter of fact, I think I had rubbed a couple open when I felt it.

We coated it with antibiotic cream and I definitely slept on my sides last night.

Here is what it looked like at 6:00 am. Hum, I thought, when I finally got a pix of it . . . this could be an interesting day for the back?

As you can tell from this 10:00 am pix, the redness is almost all gone and the blisters are getting ready to open, or have opened. I think I will end up putting a gauze bandage on it for the remainder of the day . . . this is right at the point of my back that rubs against the back of chairs and I sure don't want an infection that could really drive me nuts.

Guess no sitting on the bike with the back at the gym tomorrow:(


  1. Hope you are feeling better now, not a good place to have a sore of any kind xx

  2. Wow!! I had never heard of a thing before. :( I hope it feels better soon.


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