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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pumpkin, Monkeys, No Bears, Oh My !

I was working on a Christmas Present for my step-great nephew yesterday and all of a sudden it hits me . . this pattern would make a GREAT Pumpkin, with a few adaptations. 

This morning I started on it and the more I worked, the happier I was. I now have the softest Cat Nip Toy for Pet Connection Programs and Penny's Life Fund.

By the way, they are less than halfway to their goal of $2,800 . . . so, if you can see you way to do it, please click this link and donate whatever you can.

Now, back to the pictures. Here is the start of the next box to be mailed for them to sell and, hopefully, make some money for Penny's Life Fund.

LOVE the indent on the bottom . . . it makes me smile when I see it.

I need to add a Curly-Q tendril to the top, but I can't find my green yarn. So that last step will have to wait a while.

Why is it that my monkeys NEVER look as good as the ones in the Red Heart Monkey Ornament pattern? Even when I add eyes, they still look like they have been on a "bender."

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