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Friday, January 24, 2014

Braided Cowl

Haven't posted much lately . . . nothing much has happened lately, except for the FRIGID weather here in Western New York.

For those of you not in the "Polar Vortex" zone in the USA, that cold air coming into the US from Alberta, CANADA . . . thanks Dickie Cottrell for the infamous "Alberta Clipper" information years ago. We found out that when the winds blow into the US from Alberta, or "in them there directions" be ready for days of school delays or cancellations.

In my hometown in Indiana, I think they have been delayed, or out of school for the whole day, more days than they have been in school since returning to school after New Years Day.

But, back to the weather here in Western New York . . . we are supposed to get down to a Wind Chill of -20 degrees sometime this week end. Yep, that's "colder than a witches' tit in a brass bra" as a college friend would say. Sure glad I wear a cotton bra or I might freeze my "wooo-hooo's" off. Not that i t wouldn't help my posture to lose some of them, but not THAT way :(

So, what have I been up too? Making Christmas 2014 gifts. The latest is shown below

Well, shown above in progress . . . it will end up being a braided cowl. I made a "Button Sock Hat" for my great nephew out of the variegated yarn and one for his sister out of the cram yarn. This braided cowl will be for their mother. Hopefully, I will have it done by the next post and I will show you the finished hats and cowl.

Finished 5 weeks of Physical Therapy for muscle spasms in the neck. I didn't realize that's what I had . . . I just felt like I had slept wrong and my neck had "cricked." It manifested itself with pains in my upper right arm . . . on top and in between the bicep and tricep. Some days these two spots hurt so much I carried my arm like I had it in a sling . . . didn't help a lot, but hurt less.

Wednesday, when the therapy ended, we went to pick up Indy from the groomers. I was walking her in the driveway/side yard area (there was at least 1 inch of snow so they "blended into" each other.) I stepped on a brick that marked the meeting of the two, my foot didn't realize this was there, and I wiped out . . . falling down on my right hip, knee and arm.

That night, I thought I might  have to go back to Therapy for the other side of my neck. If you have followed my blog long enough, you know I do these falls every once in a while. Knock-on-wood, I still haven't broken anything. I think it is because I am so relaxed when I fall . . . I don't know it's coming so I don't tense up.

The neck, hip, knee and arm survived, but my lower back (where Arthur Itis lives) is playing havoc with my  life. I know where it came from . . . lying flat, on my back, during the therapy for my neck. I kept my knees bent when I was on the table, and did muscle exercises for this area when I was on the table for the therapy, but, I think, I am going to need to see the dr for a script to go back and have Mauriah work on the back next :(

The husband and I just started a new program at the gym we go to . . . "Mission SLIMpossible." We  both thought we needed something to get us back on track with our eating habits.

We are using a site called My Fitness Pal for our food diaries. The nutritionist at the gym can access our diaries on line and leave us messages and support this way. Once I have gotten the hang of it, it is SO EASY to keep track of what I'm eating . . easier than what we were using before.

I think I need to go . . I have ice on my back (I use a plastic pop bottle that I fill with water and then freeze) and it is becoming painful . . . just imagine sitting with a pop bottle down your back :(

Later all.

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  1. We use myfitnesspal, it's a great tool which ensures the correct calories are added


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