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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nosie . . . We All Miss You

2013 Nov . . . you were so sweet when you finally let me pet you.
It's been a week since you left us, Nosebud. I think it has finally dawned on your siblings that you are gone.
24 Dec 2012 You always slept in the funniest poses.
I know Indy misses chasing you up the stairs. Sometimes I think she looks for you.

Abby misses the friendship that you two finally achieved this past year. 
20 Nov 2012 . . . Nosie and Marcus

Marcus and Matthew, even though they didn't want to be with you when you were sick, are demanding more attention now than when you were alive. 
2012 Thanksgiving
Clockwise from back: Marcus, Nosie in the front and Matthew on the left.
They often slept all curled up together.

Matthew always liked coming up during the night for cuddles, but, now, she does it multiple times while we are sleeping. And Marcus has started sleeping on my legs instead of Dad's.

Jan 2014
Marcus and Abby looking for treats.
Matthew is in the wreath box behind them.
You enjoyed the short time you had
searching for treats in Indy's Christmas Toy.

 Matthew is starting to eat treats at night . . . maybe she left them for you when you were here and now she feels like she can eat some.

Enjoy your time over the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you have met the rest of Momma's fu~babies who have passed before you. Run with the angels, chase those butterflies and play with your newfound siblings. One day, I will come home to be with you and the rest of your mommas fur~babies.


  1. Sending you huggs, just remember the times she made you smile, losing a fur baby is hard. xxxxx

  2. So sorry to hear about Nosie. Hope you are doing well.


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