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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olympic Projects

Working on my Ravellenics projects. For those of you who don't know what this is, Ravelry used to have the Ravelympics where knitters and crocheters would work on projects during the Olympics, post the finished projects and earn "medals."

Well, the US Olympic Committee, or maybe the World Olympic Committee (whatever that's called), got a burr up their a$$ and, if I remember right, a law suit ensued due to the use of the name. So, now we do the Ravellenics . . . same bat time, same bat channel. (If you don't get the bat reference, the Batman Show that was on with Adam West always said it would be on at the "same Bat time, same Bat Channel" and the kids I grew up with used that reference  when referring to something that was done exactly like it was done before.)

Project #1: A Christmas Sweater and Hat
I am using my NFL Sweater (sc) pattern. I was doing great until I came to the shaping of the sleeves . . . I couldn't understand my own pattern. Then, when I figured out what I was saying and followed the pattern, it looked weird. So I am now rewriting the pattern as I go. The original pattern was written three years ago, when I was new at pattern writing. It is amazing what I have learned in 3 years!
The hat is the "same old, same old" sock hat pattern that I use all the time. I'm not happy with it, though. I think the hook is too large, so I am going back to a G hook. I am using an I hook and the stitches are just too lose!

Project #2: Blue Beanie

Just a simple circular beanie. When I get the basic shape done, I'm going to add ear flaps (this baby will have his 1st winter in the Chicago area),  make a heart to go behind one of the eyes and probably some ears . . . maybe puppy ears would look cute instead of the cat ears I made last time.

Project #3: Dearest Debbie Doily
It needs blocked as you can tell it is curling some on the edges.

I follow Dearest Debbie on Facebook, a day or two ago she posted for testers and I responded. I should have it done, but it got lost in my "hole." Can you imagine that?

This is my "hole."
It is the corner next to the sofa that I plant myself on.
Can you believe I would lose anything in it?

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