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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Indy and Linus . . . 08-09 Feb 2014

Indy has had a guest for the weekend . . . Linus has been here since 9-ish Saturday morning. His Daddy is working in Europe until Wednesday so his Momma decided to take his human brothers to visit friends out of town.
Somebody has made himself perfectly at home.

Normally, one of their friends comes and lets him out while they are gone, but this time nothing worked out so Indy got to have company.
Not sure if he realized he was looking at his own home when he looked out the window.

They have been so good together. They really haven't been together since Linus was a puppy, but Indy LOVES his momma and Daddy and Linus feels the same way about the husband and I, so I was hoping for the best. If it hadn't worked out, I had keys to take him back home and just go over for potty breaks.

Yes, kids . . . it's potty break time.
Indy is so good about going into the back yard for her "potty breaks, but Linus is  used to going into a yard totally fenced in. When I took them out, I would put a lead on Linus in case he decided to walk by me . . Linus is "too cool" to run, he just saunters by :)

Indy is trying to figure out why the pots have a different smell . . . LOLOL

He did have a rough time trying to figure out why there were squirrels eating right in front of the window . . . he thinks they are meant to chase in his back yard.

I see squirrels.

How come the squirrel  gets to eat outside?

OMG . . . there's another one on the railing :)

Last night was fun. Poor fella wanted to come into the bedroom, but stayed in the hallway. He had been upstairs earlier in the day and, after a few minutes, we figured out he had been hissed at by Matthew so he was staying clear of her. He doesn't have any fur-siblings now, but he was raised with two cats so he knows what can follow hissing.

Treat Time . . . someone is ready.

Finally, he settled down and we had 70 pounds of Indy and 65 pounds of Linus sleeping with us. It was so funny, when we would wake up, they would have traded places . . . this happened all night. The BEST part was . . . he let me know, in the middle of the night, that he HAD to go outside. Amazed me how well he got adjusted to being with us.

Two pretty babies ready for the good treats.

Now, I think he is waiting on Momma and brothers to get back home. He is used to "3 and under" commotion, not the life of two retired folks.

And I think Indy is ready for time alone with Mom and Dad.


  1. He's a pretty brindle! Hope this finds you and Gene well and warm. You've had quite the winter huh? We have too.

  2. Both dogs are gorgeous! Loved the pictures! Thanks!


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