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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Indy's Nose

Indy is a late bloomer in the field of "poop covering." Some dogs either turn around and use their hind legs to dig dirt up to cover their pop, while others use their noses to push dirt over their.

Indy n ever did this, until this winter. We saw her numerous times using her nose to cover her poop up with snow.

Well, the snow is gone, but not that need to cover. This morning the husband let Indy out, When she showed back up on the front porch (we let her out this way and she hi-tails it back to the back yard) I heard him yelling at her, :What do you have on your nose? I need to find something to wipe it off."

I yelled back down at him (I was still upstairs), "Leave her outside until I can see it." This got me moving to get out of bed fast to see it.

This is what I saw . . . she is so funny!

Oh, and yes, that is a snow shovel on the porch behind Indy. We are on a weather watch tonight and tomorrow for a possible 4 - 8 inches of snow. I guess this snow will be winter's "Last Hurrah."

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