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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easter Cactus?

I gt bored this afternoon so I did something I haven't done for a year or two . . . Indy and I took a walk around our block. Now, granted, to some of  you that may not seem like much but: 1. I am a couch potato and 2. our black is equal to two or three blocks back home. It is a big sucker!

When we got home, 20 minutes later, after much stopping, smelling and peeing by Indy, I was walking through the dining room, glanced over at the "Christmas cactus" hanging in the window and saw a ink bud!

Upon further inquiring I found that it not only had one bud, it had at least 5. 

There are three showing on the right, there is one, I think, hidden behind the right leaves and the one I saw first is located in the center. This center one can barely be seen in the lower picture.

This plant hung out on our front porch last summer, and grew quite well. I brought it in when the weather got cooler and it lived in the corner of the bathroom. When it didn't bloom at Christmas, I decided to hang it in the dining room where it could get daylight diffused sun all day and then dark at night.

Guess I must have done something right if it is getting ready to bloom. Hopefully, the buds won't drop off before I get a "blooming" picture.


  1. I used to love my Christmas Cactus. It only bloomed once that I remember. After trying to die at least three times, it finally did. I wanted to get another one this Christmas; but I never did. Still do not have any house plants here. I can't wait to see the flowers on yours when they bloom. :)

  2. Isn't it a nice surprise when we see our first buds on our houseplants? I bought two cactus last year after Mothers day that I have no idea what they are. I am looking for buds on mine and my African violets too. My mother always put her Christmas cactus on the porch all summer and I am thinking I will do the same... it clearly worked for you too. :o) Do share a pic when the blooms open.
    Smile and Enjoy!


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