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Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Blizzard . . . 2014

This was the extent of our 2nd
of 2014.

9:00 am-ish
We were told we were having a BLIZZARD.
Today, they are still calling it a BLIZZARD.
Heavens, the winds weren't that high, 
and I didn't hear of any country roads being blown shut
(like what happens with so many snow storms in Indiana)
I don't understand how they can call it a BLIZZARD.

Cassie, then her brother Mason joined her,
who live right behind us,
came over and started shoveling.
No idea why, 
I think they just needed something to do
since they had the day off due to snow.

This is Indy's type of weather.
She loves it like her Akita ancestors loved snow.

3:00-ish - Indy's afternoon potty break.

3:00-ish, before Josh, our neighbor with the yellow truck, snow blowed the sidewalk and driveway.
3:00-ish, when Josh finished.

All last evening we watched TV with the musical tones
of people with their snow blowers outside.
One person would come home,
start on their driveway/sidewalk,
then another person would get home and do the same.
People were still outside at 10:00 pm, snow blowing 
with the lights on their snow blowers 
shining on the snow.
This morning, 
the husband decided he needed to shovel the driveway.
We have a wind tunnel between between our houses
and, since the garage is full of "stuff"
we have to park outside it is even worse.

We had a snow blower, 
but it quit working after we got it fixed 
a year or two ago.

I can't convince him to get rid of it
and buy a new one.
It bothers me because he isn't young anymore.

And, yes, I can help,
but my back will only take so much.
So I told him, after this picture,
that I would do the snow drift
in front of the back door.

When I opened the back door
I'll bet there was 1 - 2 feet of snow drifted there.

Here is the front after it was all cleaned up.


  1. We didn't get as much snow as you. We live in Greensburg and we just got a dusting. Indy got a little more. Had a Dr. Appt at IU yesterday. You sure got a lot

  2. I can see them calling it a blizzard if that happened here, but where you live? .. Glad you didn't actually get a blizzard. Indy sure looks like she likes the snow. :)


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