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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Water Problems

We have been having trouble with the water in the sink and toilet. When the toilet flushes, the water in the trap of the sink "gurgles" up. We have plunged and plunged the sink, and it will run smooth for a while, then start "gurgling" again.

I finally got the husband to call a plumber. He went through the outside access to the sewer line and found that he could "roto-root" so far and then it was all mud. Yep, broken pipe :(

He called in and after a few minutes found out that they could get a crew out here today to dig up the pipe and replace it . . . and, fingers crossed, it  isn't broken clear out to where out line joins the city sewer line . . . that scares the "be-jezus" out of me cost wise.

But, at the gym yesterday, I looked over at the husband and said, "You know what puts this all in perspective? Yes, this may end up being WAY EXPENSIVE, but, neither one of us has lung cancer like Bekki's Ron has been diagnosed with."

Yes, that realization put it all in perspective. We could lose (pay) a lot of money to repair this, but she could very easily lose her 45 year old, non-smoking, physically fit husband to their two primary school age children to cancer.

There are things a lot worse than having to pay a large bill to make your house livable.

Back to the water line.

It should go straight out to the street. Well, you probably know where THIS is going. One of the young men working on it knocked on the door and said it takes a turn to the left, right under our butterfly bush. My response, "Guess I won't have to trim the bush back this summer since it will be gone." I mean, what else were we to do?

I went outside to take pix and document this for 'posterity.

Looking straight down from our porch.
The line should go straight out to the street.
Surprise . . . it took a turn at the porch.
Makes me think of Bugs Bunny,
"I should have taken a  left at Albuquerque!"

This is the "former" location of our dwarf butterfly bush :(
Oh well, no trimming it back this summer :)


  1. But, after all this new turned dirt has time to settle - what new plants could be installed this spring?? To me - I'm seeing a new butterfly bush, more bulbs, new bushes...this really just frees up your time from digging solid dirt.

    Perspective - it's always perspective. Hope your water is running freely by this evening!

  2. Oh no. I hope everything goes smoothly and is back to working condition soon. We always some to have some problem or another to fix, here.


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