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Friday, March 21, 2014

Abby and the Hubby

The hubby didn't have a good night last night,
nor has he had a great day today.

Not really sure what happened last night to ruin his sleep
but it kept on today.

We went to Plantasia,
the local spring flower and garden show.
Normally, it takes two or three hours
 to walk around the buildings at the fair grounds
and see everything.

Today, we were finished in an hour.
Guess this will be our last year.
Only one booth had any bulbs 
that can't be bought in a store
and they weren't that interesting.

We did, however, find two Christmas gifts.
I saw these metal, soldered, fish for the garden.
The fish are on poles
and stand about 3 feet tall.
We first saw them at the Home Show
and I was hoping he would be at the Garden show.
We bought the only two he had.
One is for my fisherman brother
and the other for his fisherman daughter.
They would be hard to wrap,
so we will take them home this summer 
so they will have them to enjoy
AND save us on mailing.

I took these pix this evening.
The  husband is a napper.
Abby LOVES to climb on him
which drives him nuts.
Me, she will climb on my chest
and lie down on top of my boobs.
I could sit like that for hours.

here is the "photo story".

Checking to see if Daddy is going to respond to her walking on him.

Let's see if he will wake up if I walk from this side.

So far, so good !

Ah, yes . . the perfect place to knead my feet . . his belly!


  1. Paula great photo's, happens in our house as well,

  2. Did she wake him up? I hate it when I can't sleep good. Hope he gets some rest soon.


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