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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Indy's Boots

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. I was sitting inside working on E's 2nd Birthday present and was feeling rather homesick. So I told the husband that Indy and i were going for a walk and he could come along if he wanted.

So, we took off . . . checking out the plants in the front yard before we left.
The front yard is starting to look a LOT better.
I have planted three more "patches" of the King Alfred daffodils.
One set behind the plants at the corner of the steps.
One set in front of the rose bush by the steps
and one final set to the left of those orange tulips next to the flower light.

This is my Pasque Flower.
It is supposed to bloom on Easter,
no matter the date.
Every one I have ever had,
be it in Indiana or here,
has always opened the day before, Easter, or the day after.
This year, it was a week late
but the wait was worth it.
It is such an interesting flower and will continue  blooming
for almost half of the summer.

We just walked around out block . . . and it is one of the BIGGEST blocks I have ever lived on. It can take us, at a stroll and many stops for Indy to smell and mark  her territory, 30 minutes or more to walk it.

Today, it was pretty quiet. Indy was only barked at by a basset hound and a beagle. While the beagle was barking, we were talking to the woman who owns him . . he was inside in the front window and she was outside by her car.

By the time we got around the corner, the beagle was running and barking in his fenced in back yard. Since Indy is very good about coming when called, I let her off her lead and said, "Well go get him. You need to run and play."

Well, she did . . right up to his fence and they ran up and down the fence barking at each other and enjoying themselves.

Indy came back once, jumping over the HUGE puddles of water that sit on this empty lot. But, and I know you know this is going to happen now, when she went back to run some more she went right through the muddle puddles. This, from a dog who HATES to go out in the rain and hates baths . . . except when she is at the groomer when she likes them.

When we were ready to finish out walk, I called her and here she came, hitting every mud puddle between her and us. This is when we noticed her paws. They looked like she had put on mud colored boots. We should have been mad . . . we I should have been mad at  me for letting her off lead with mud puddles around . . . but all we could do is laugh. She had so much fun and was as proud as a peacock that she had been allowed to run and came back when called.

When we got home we sat outside until her paws had dried enough to let me take her into the bathroom. She wasn't thrilled about getting into the bathtub, but she did and the mud just rolled off of her. She wasn't happy, but there was no way I was going to let the mud dry and fall off all over the house.

Here is my pretty girl with her muddy boots on.

What do you think if Indy's bandanna?
Her groomer makes them and each time she goes in
she either comes home with a seasonal bandanna
(this one is Easter Eggs)
or a bow with ribbons for the season or closest holiday

Checking out her "kingdom."

Ah-ha! Tell-tale mud on her front paws.

And look at those back paws.
Yep, these pure white legs need to be washed.

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