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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

From Maundy Thursday through today
this song is continually on my mind.

I not only love the words
but the memories of singing this in church,
on Easter morning,
bring back such happy memories
that I had to share it with all of you.

It is a beautiful Easter Sunday,
here in Western New York.
The sky is a beautiful blue
and the clouds that are in the sky
are light and airy.
A beautiful day to go outside
and see what flowers
Easter has brought to us.

The daffodils have opened
 to celebrate HIS rising from the grave.

Today is also the husband's birthday.

It may not look like much here
but this is my Pasque (also called Passion) Flower.
It looks dormant and then on Easter,
no matter the time it occurs in the spring,
the flowers will start opening.
It may be hard to see but,
on the upper left of the plant,
there is one but ready to bloom.

Two sets of daffodils and a couple of hyacinths
in our poor front bed.

Documentation so,
later on this summer,
I can compare pre and post
"garden remake."

Indy checking out the sites up the street.
Indy is such a happy dog when she is outside
checking out her "turf."

See how pretty it is today.
Reminds me of the Easters
I remember growing up . . . 
warm enough for one's
Easter finery.
Days like today do signify 
that God has truly blessed us
by allowing us to see a new spring
and the beginning of the Earth
renewing itself.

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  1. Your flowers are looking good - just wait til they are full bloom! Happy Birthday to your DH!


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