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Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Has Sprung, Somwehat

This is what I call "the cemetery" or "the grave yard." In a long, narrow piece of grass/plants that lies between the driveway on the right, sidewalk on the bottom, and walkway to house on the left. It is just big enough to bury a small body.

I thought this picture would show the bulbs starting to sprout, but it didn't. So I took a close-up. When I took the close-up I noticed there is a bulb sprouting in the bottom right corner. I was amazed . . this is one of the new spots Indy has decided to use as her outside bathroom. I think the "walking digs" in the neighborhood must be using it too because she can't get her nose off that spot.

Close up of the daffodil bulbs coming up, and a few tulips too.

Next, we have the poor front flower bed. It  is so sad since it was torn up to fix the broken water pipe. BUT, as luck would have it, the crocus are finally blooming. They are hard to see in this photo.

But this close-up shows how thick they are in the area that was left, almost, untouched. Crocus are so nice . . they let you know that Spring IS just around the corner.

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