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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tired Indy

Sometimes I think Indy has been around the cats too long. Last night, she was rubbing her eyes and muzzle with her front paw, just like the cats do when they are cleaning the fur on their faces.

Letting their bed help her rub her nose.

Guess she needs to concentrate on rubbing her eyes and muzzle.
So she laid down for some serious rubbing.

I though I would get a good photo of her, 
she was lying on the floor so pretty.
Mid flash, the tongue must have felt something on her nose.

Finally, a good pix of my pretty Indy. 
She can look so regal at times, 
then she lets her goofy terrier take over and she is back to being just my daughter :)

Last night, Indy kept looking up at me on the couch.
As you can see, all of my "stuff" was lying next to me.
I finally called her up
and she ended up on top of my project bag
(I'm making a toddeler hat, 
thus the styrofoam ball under her armpit.)
She just, kind of, oozed her body around everything,
ready to chew on her dog biscuit in her mouth.
She MUST be on the sofa
or the love seat to chew her treats.
Silly girl!

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  1. I love Indy - beautiful dog..er, daughter. Does she have allergies? Maybe that's why she was rubbing her face.


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