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Friday, August 1, 2014

Indy's New Trick

I've told you all how Indy loves her chews. She always makes me laugh because she holds them like Dad smoked a cigar . . . right out in front.
A couple of days ago we had thunder coming from up north . . . no sign of rain here, but that loud, cracking summer thunder.

Poor Indy, when we got home she had been panting so hard that there was a puddle on the floor in front of the front door. I didn't dive her any of her "puppy anxiety" pills because she wasn't shaking yet. But, man alive, was she ever on alert for the thunder.

When our DirecTv started cutting out (which it does whenever there is a storm between us and Pennsylvania, Indy knows the End Of The World (ie thunder and lightening storm) is coming. SO she followed me into the bathroom when I asked, "Indy, want our pills?"

She takes her pills so well and in about 1/2 to 1 hour she is as calm as a cucumber and ready to ride out any storm that may some through.

 Now, for the purpose of this post. Early in the evening I walked into the living room and there was Indy chewing on one of her long rawhide chews. I thought it was so nice that the husband had given her one to take her mind off of the rains outside. She just laid on the sofa and shewed and, I swear, she was smiling.

Later, when I thanked the husband for giving it to her he said, "I thought you gave it to her?"

Hum . . . we both looked at her and she sheepishly wagged her tail. Made us both laugh. 

For the longest time we have given her a large Milk Bone to take to bed. The box with them is on the floor in the pantry and we both tell her to "take it" when we get a bone for her and she refuses. But, I think she finally decided that she could"take it" when it came to her chews, which are in the same box with her Milk Bones.

LOLOL . . . last night, she came walking into the living room with another chew . . . looking like the cat who caught the rat . . . it is so cute, I hate to move them to where she can't get them, but, if she starts doing it to regularly, I will have to place them on a shelf. We don't want her eating them all the time . . . just as a treat.


  1. Smart girl, Indie! I think we go through a (small) bag of treats for our dogs in two days. Spoiled doggies :P


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