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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Time for More Flower Pictures

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our front flower bed.
It is just JAM PACKED with flowers
(and one fruit) 
this year.

I've shown you pictures from the front
but shown from the top
really shows how packed it is.

Looking to the left you will see the bottom of our light pole.
In front of it is the Mallow.
to the right is part of the Rudbeckia,
or as we called them Black Eyed Susans,
that came up as a surprise.

In the bottom right are some day lillies
that bloomed quite a while ago.
Then to the upper right we  have part of our GIGANTIC Rudbeckia plant.

Notice the big leaves "flowing: through the Rudbeckia?
That is our "voluntary" pumpkin
from one of the seeds Mr or Miss Squirrel dropped last winter.

Can you believe how HUGE that Black Eyed Susan is?
Next year we will be dividing it among neighbors 
an family members

In the very front of the left corner are two Mums.
They are the smallest of our Mums.
We have one plant that must be,
at least,
3 feet in diameter and,
at least,
18" to 2 feet tall.

When it blooms
I will post pictures.

See the little white "blob"
to the right of the Black Eyed Susans?
That's my 2 foot tall garden angel.
The Purple Coneflowers between her and the Black Eyed Susans
are close to 4 feet tall.

On the bottom right corner is or rosebush,
wish it rebloomed.
To the right of the angel
you can barely see the marigolds and snapdragons.
Next to the rest of the garden, they look like samples.


  1. Garden looking good, you will have to move your angel.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful.


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