Leaves on this Family Tree

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I was searching for something
 the other day
 in my cedar chest.

When I opened it up
the first things I run into are
a Snowman Quilt,
made for our wedding 
(snowman themed)
by a friend,
then there are three ripple afghans . . . 
the one my grandmother had made 
(gray and pink)
which was always on the back of our sofa,
then the blue one I made
to take to college
and finally,
the one Mom requested . . . 
made out of cream, gold and brown yarn.

I would SO love to have them all out to use
but the idea of getting a ton of animal hair
embedded in them makes me come to my senses.

Anyway, the point of my post is this . . . 
I found puppy pictures of my Paka.
She was my 1st dog as an adult,
out on my  own 
and working to earn my own way.

She came to me at 8 weeks old . . . 
May 1974 . . . 8 weeks old
just a bundle of brown, black and cream fluff.

I  lived in an apartment complex
that didn't allow dogs . . . 
May 1974 . . . 8 weeks old
so she would get to potty outside
before I went to work
making sure no one was around.
Then, when I got home we went to the park
and she could run and potty all she wanted.
Then back home to wait until it got dark
to potty again.

The neighbors on my left had a dog too
and the neighbor on my right didn't care.
I knew I would be moving that summer
to a pet friendly apartment
and if I was told to get rid of her
Mom and Dad would have babysat.
But, we survived for the remaining
4 weeks of school and 
those 4 weeks in the apartment.

She grew to be a beautiful friend.
Christmas 1975 . . . a year and a half old.
She was a farm pup . . . 
part collie and part shepherd.

We were a pair for 15 years . . . 
Christmas 1975 . . . a year and a half old.
she spoiled me.
I could never have asked
for a better dog
to "grow up with"
into the adult world.

Miss you Paka Poophead.
You better be waiting for me,
Christmas 1975 . . . a year and a half old.
with Joy, Tavish and Sadie
when I make my final journey!


  1. Your 1st pet is always special, my 1st cat, Kimmy was the love of my life, as I sit here, I have a photo of her close by.
    Please do come over for some Raspberries, we would love for you to visit the UK, stay with us and visit all the places you see on my blog.

  2. They fill up our hearts and light our path. :o)
    So many have come and gone through my life...I understand your reminiscing and your longing...

  3. Paka was beautiful! I still think about all my old dogs and cats, too..


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