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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pain and Stress

I woke up yesterday with eyes so sore 
it was hard to keep them open. 
I put eye drops, from the opthomologist
in them twice before 8:30 am 
thinking they would help . . nope!

 Still dry . . . guess I better start using them daily now :(

Had to set the alarm to wake up early. 
I had an 8:30 am appointment 
with the physicians assistant at my dr's office.

 She is SO GOOD! 
Every time I see her, 
or the other PA in the office,
 I get such good care.

This time I went about a painful right elbow 
that has been hurting for 3 weeks. 
(I was lifting a window, 
right palm turned up, 
 I heard a "Rice Krispies" sound coming from the elbow area . . . you know, Snap, Crackle and Pop . . . 
kind of the sound you get 
when you tear chicken bones apart at the joint.
It almost made me sick to my stomach

Now, I haven't ignored it. 
I talked to Matt, 
the physical therapist at the MOG (Medically Oriented Gym) 
where the hubster and I go 3 times a week to exercise.
 He checked me out,
 gave me some stretching exercise for it . . 
said to let him know in a week how it was. 
Well, it ended up two weeks, 
since it was now feeling different, but still hurting.

Back to Liz,
she gave me two scripts:
one for physical therapy 
 and one for an x-ray of the elbow.
She went out to talk to the ortho dr in the practice,
came back and did a couple more manipulative tests,
her demeanor had become more serious.
She said they think I might have a 
torn distal bicep.

This could repair itself
but, if the therapy doesn't work
I need to see the ortho specialist
who will send me for an MRI
which will be able to tell
what the tear looks like.
Major tear, surgery.
Minor tear, wait it out to heal.

So, why the x-ray
since they don't "see" muscle tissue.
Well, the bicept could have torn away from the bone
and pulled a piece of bone fragment with it . . . 
thus, the x-ray.

Went to dentist in the afternoon . . 
4th year student at our dental school . . . 
slept through most of the work because I kept my 
eyes closed for relief.
I would jerk myself awake and she would laugh.
If I didn't and she needed something
she wold wake me up.

This morning,
the hubster and I slept in to 10:30 am.
I think we both needed it.
So tired yesterday and worn out . . .
both of us.
Maybe we will be more energetic tomorrow.

OH . . . I forgot . . . 
The worst part of the distal bicept tear . . . 
watch the use of the arm.
ie . . . no continual crocheting :(
I found that out Saturday and Sunday 
when I made hats for the neighbor boys.

Stay tuned to this channel for updates :)


  1. You poor thing, I really hope you are feeling a bit better, take all the rest you can get. Not being able to do your craft does not help, when I stitch I heal.

  2. Wow. When it rains it pours. :( I hope it isn't a serious tear on your elbow. Wish I could sleep through dental work, Lol.


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