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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and Other Crochet

Miss E and her brothers wore my handwork last night for Trick-or-Treat. (They went early because snow was predicted for tonight . . and yes, it snowed at home today.)

I made her a Minnie Mouse hat since she had outgrow the one she had. He momma had the remainder of the clothes for her outfit. Isn't she adorable?

Since it is hard to think of something to make for her brothers (4th and 6th grade) I asked momma if they do "Ninja Turtles." I thought they would be great Christmas gifts. She said they did  like them and wondered if I could make them for Halloween (plus an extra for their cousin who goes with them) so they could use them as part of their costumes. 

They were so easy I did them in no time. So I guess Christmas will  be "basketball" hats.

Found out a former neighbor is 27 weeks pregnant. (Heavens, I can remember when she was born.) So I better get my fingers busy with something for her soon to be born son!

Since he will be a winter baby, I', designing a Baby Cocoon with a snowflake on the bottom and the remainder of the bag will be in Vanna's Choice "Colonial Blue," "Silver Blue" and white. Will post pix soon.


  1. Isn't she Sweet? You did such a nice job with all those hats?
    Your creativity always impresses me.
    Did you say Christmas? :o(
    I love it but it'll be here waaaay too soon.


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