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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Flower Fun

It's Nov 8 and we still have flowers blooming in the front and side yard . . and one on the porch.
Thus pot of Geraniums has been under the mailbox,
next to the front door
since we bout it at Save-A-Lot this summer.
 It has bloomed continually.

If you can see the deep red/burgundy,white,yellow
and "coral" flowers
those are our snapdragons.
 always forget how hardy they are in the cool/cold weather.
On the north west corner of the porch,
behind the snapdragons,
is our Spiderwort.
We found it this spring,
 when we were planting the hill
for the snapdragons and marigolds.
It had been dug up when the plumbers had to
lay the new pipe to the sewer.

It was lying there . . roots bare and looking so sad.
Now look at it!
It has NEVER looked this good.

Then we have these poor yellow daisies.
We bought them in June when we were in Indiana.
They just kind of "laid" there in the spot I put them.
Figured they would die.
Now look at them . . . 
Growing just the way we wanted them to grow.

Now we have the Christmas Cactus
that hung on the south side of the front porch all summer.
Now it is hanging in a south facing dining room window.

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  1. We had a small frost this week and the garden has gone over, will have to wait for spring


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