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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mady's Merida Hat

I needed a fun day and had it today.

The hubster's nephew and wife are divorcing after only 7 years of marriage. So sad for the two of them and their two young children.

Today, our nephew brought the kids home to celebrate his daughter's 6th birthday, which is Monday. She and h er 3 year old brother are a hoot . . he is 100% boy and she is 100% girl. I so love being around them to see what they have learned to do, academically and socially with each other, that I am continued to be amazed. But, then again, I do believe all siblings have that intangible bond that only they understand.

Last spring we wet to see Miss M in her dance recital . . . the theme was Disney Princesses. I asked he grandma which one did she think she would like a hat  made from. She said any one of them.

I had seen a Merida wig hat from BRAVE and fell in love with it, so Merida it was.

She wasn't too sure about  it when she opened the package . . . but once she realized what it was, she wanted to try it on. Then when she saw herself, she really liked it.

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