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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mom's Words Came Back to Haunt Me

I was a sophomore in college when Dad euthanised my Joy. She had been a part of my family since i was four years old. As a matter of fact, when Dad brought her home he asked me to go outside to the car and bring in his work jacket (he was a railroader.) Hidden under his jacket was this black and white puppy . . . I was in heaven. Mom said she would be called Joy because she brought so much joy to us.

She is the only beagle mix I have ever seen who had only black and white fur . . . not a spot of any other color onher. And she had the SOFTEST ears. I could rub and pet those ears for hours.

After she was gone, Mom would say, "I can still hear her toenails clicking on the linoleum floor in the kitchen."

I have always felt bad because I never noticed that with Paka, Tavish or Sadie. It made me wonder why I didn't hear their toenails going across the non-carpeted floors.

Now, "the roosters have finally come home to roost." It is SO QUIET around here without Abby's vocalization. 

She was so funny . . . out of the blue you would hear her "meow." When she was in the basement, it usually happened when she had "caught" something . . . a clove, a washrag, some type of laundry she had drug out of the laundry basket. She sure thought she was a sly fox when she did her hunting. Bet she would have been a good mouser if we had mice or she was outside.

Indy is missing her too . . . she either lays on the sofa up next to me for loving or lies on the floor like she did  when Abby was sick . . . I think she misses her sounds too.

Last nigh, the husband and I were watching TV. I looked at him and said,"It  is WAY to quiet in here . . . Abby  must be in my mind telling me how much I miss her talking." 

Oh, and yes, it was talking. If we were upstars in bed, and she would start meowing downstairs, it drove the husband NUTZ. Myself, I would just say, "What 'cha got Abidale Tiddy Girl?" If I used this nickname I had for her, she would come running upstairs like a "bat out of hell." She never had anything with her, but I would find something on the dining room floor the next morning.

We  sure had fun, and her three fur sisters, the husband and I sure miss her . . . and we all are expressing it in our own, individual ways.

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  1. I still see cats visiting us from the corner of my eye, we have three who pop back to check on us, each one is different, and I find them very comforting.


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