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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SNoWPoCaLypSE 2014

9:15 am . . . 18 Nov 2014
 What a difference a Day Makes.
8:45 am . . . 19 Nov 2014
We had a MAJOR Lake Effect Snow Band that went across (well, really it just blew in and stayed) the southern part of Buffalo and the towns south of there . . 71" at one place.

Today is Snow Band #2 has started and it has moved north so we are under this one. 

We are getting help from all over the state. . . the National Guard is coming in, towns from all over are sending their snow equipment and rescue personnel. The State Department of Transportation is sending 160 snowplows/snow throwers here with 320 drivers so they can be on the road 24 hours a day.

Yep, it's a Marshmallow World in the Winter :)

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