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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Day

The French toast bake has been eaten for breakfast. The stockings have been emptied and the gifts have been unwrapped and almost all of them have been put away.

Hi-lights of the day, in photo form.

French Toast Bake . . . the bread had soaked up the custard perfectly . . .
The top got toasted (maybe only 25 min next time) and the inside was SO SOFT!
Our "tree" which stays up all year.
The ornaments are all ones that the either
1.  great grand nieces and nephew
2. the neighbor kids in the house behind ours or
3. neighbor across the street have made
I think someone is happy with this present.

He had forgotten he had mentioned he wanted an apron.
Sure glad I remember what he mentions.

Aloe infused socks and a flannel nightgown.
Best thing about the nightgown . . . LONG SLEEVES.
I think my internal thermometer has changed.
I asked for this since all of mine are t-shirt material and short sleeves.

Yeah, Indy seems to be quite happy with her Christmas present.
But, what is it?
The husband likes his chocolates.
Check out the Russel Stover box.
I was in Walgreen's one day and found this.
I had to have it . . . and it was on SALE!
BAZINGA! ! ! !
Not sure if you can see the griddle wrapped in the red bow or not.
I saw a griddle I liked and the husband says,
"We have a cast iron one somewhere."
So I told him to find it, put a bow on it and then under the tree.
He thought I was nuts, but I was serious.
Now the pancakes and french toast,
let alone the bacon,
will be so much easier to make.

Indy finally settled down and brought her new Christmas toy to me . . .
Lamb Chop.
Showing off her toy didn't last too long.

All in all, it was a great Christmas. Everyone got what they wanted. Hope you and yours had a great day and you basked in the warmth of those you hold dear. 

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