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Monday, January 19, 2015

Marcus and Matthew

People wonder why I have two female cats with male names. Here's the story . . .

Marcus was the second kitten, from a litter of 6, who received her name. Her sister Nosy was the first named and her name tells why . . . she was the first one out of the "den" to explore.
Bad pix . . she is so much prettier than this, but it shows her ?
And her fur . . . soft as silk!

Looking at one of the tuxedo kittens I saw a white marking on her forehead that looked like a question mark. Thus she became Marcus. The kittens were so small I hadn't been able to figure out if they were male or female.

Marcus and her calico sister Nosy 
were the only two who laid with their feet curled under them.

Then, for some reason, I was thinking, "Biblically, every Mark needs a Matthew." So the other tuxedo became Matthew.
Love how she looks like she is sticking her tongue out at me :)

These two have always been the best of friends. Makes me wonder is, in the womb, they were curled around each other.

What was REALLY cute was when these two and Nosy would curl up together. Then, we would almost have a "ball of fur."

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  1. Love this post. I miss my kitty (another M name-- Mercedes). :)


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