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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finally Got The "Thing-y" Off the Blog

I have finally gotten that, whatever it was overlaying thing-y" off of the top of my blog. Not sure how, I did it.

During all of that I lost the background I had and now I can't find it. I did find the one I h ave, with the birds, which is okay, but not me. So, I must keep looking.

Most of the backgrounds I have used, and loved, are from designers who no longer design or have their images available anymore. Makes me bumbed out.

The rest of the post should be photo heavy. Why? Well, poor Marcus got locked in the basement Friday night. When I let Indy outside, she has decided she wants to go to the basement, where we used to keep their litter box when we first moved here. Normally, when I see her, she skitters back upstairs. Not Friday night.

When the husband got up with Indy on Saturday, he heard meowing, When he went to investigate, there she was, behind the basement making her noise.

So all morning on Saturday, she was closer to me than she has been in years. I had to document it myself.

The funny thing about Marcus and Indy is: When Marcus came into the kitchen, Indy decided she didn't have to go outside. Instead, she chased Marcus ll over the downstairs which she NEVER does. Poor Marcus, all she wanted to do was head upstairs to the bed so she could sleep.

For some reason, Indy wouldn't let her go up the stairs, so she spent her morning with me on the sofa. Then, when Indy got jealous and came up to set by me, Marcus decided she wanted to love on Indy.

Between these two pictures, Marcus was actually laying her head on Indy's neck. But, of course, when I turned on the camera, she moved :(

After all was said and done with Marcus in the am and early afternoon, Matthew claimed me for the evening. She ended up sleeping in this position while I was online and then crocheting.

Speaking of crocheting, these little fingers have been crocheting up a storm this past week.

A former student, who's dd I taught with, who offered to make us a god deal on wedding rings (which she MORE than did) and now will be out Realtor when we move back to Indiana, wanted to learn to crochet. I said she needed to wait until I moved home OR, if there was something she really wanted, let me know. I owed her.

She posted a pix of some fingerless gloves, which I actually had wanted to make. When she posted it, four four others asked. Well, how could I make for one and not the others, even though I HATE to make a pattern more than once:(

I told her when she received them I wanted to see a pix. Well, here she is. Can't you see her personality coming through . . she is such a neat kid! well, adult, but she will always be a middle schooler to me.

Here are the other gloves I made for three of the others.  The fourth pair I am just finishing. They are striped but with a little twist.

These were for a girl who wanted grey with colored buttons. I couldn't find anything I liked to go with the grey, so I layered three sizes of buttons.

This set was to be an "ash grey" with pink buttons . . achieved that.

This pair was just to be grey. They are for a friend's mother, so I went with a subtle, silver, button one might find on a blazer.

Now, it's time to get back on the stripes. I need to do some thinking on the top above the thumbs, where I am changing things up. Will show you the two pair later so we can compare and contrast.

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  1. Love your gloves, they are so trendy and neat. Our pets keep us amused, cats will always win out.


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