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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Show and Tell

The title says it all . . . it's time for Show and Tell of the last two weeks.

This one may be a repeat, not sure. My brother in law's sister wanted me to make her some dish towels that would hang on her stove . . . like I had made for Christmas several years ago. She had used them so much, even those they were Christmas themed, that they were worn out and she LOVED them.

When I bought two towels for her, I knew I would have half of each towel left and the towels were PERFECT for my nephew's wife. So, basically, 2 sets of towels completed for the price of two towels plus yarn.

I had to show close ups of the buttons. They weren't what I thought I was looking for, but the colors were PERFECT. 
It is amazing what towels and yarn from WalMart and buttons from Joann's turn into something so nice.

Then, on Super Bowl Sunday I decided to start my BIG PROJECT for this semester . . . notice, still think of time in "school speak."

Our neighbors, directly across the street, are expecting child #3. I made afghans for #1 and #1, similar in colors, but different in design. 

#1's was made of Vannas Choice using the Babette Pattern for size and square placement.

#2 was made with Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky Weight yarn. I made my own pattern of large and small squares. Since the yarn is variegated, it looks like the squares have multiple colors in them.

When it came to #3, my mind was blank for design, but I knew I wanted to use the Deborah Norville yarn again. And, it had to go with the other two, since both afghans set in the living room ready for use.  Here is what I came up with.

Just your basic Ripple Afghan. This is honestly my favorite pattern of all time. But, it has to be made in one piece and it gets SO HEAVY. 

I am amazed at how the blanket looks similar, yet different, in each picture.

In person, the colors are more variegated. But in these pictures, they seem to blend into each other quite well.

I ended up with three partial skeins of yarn yesterday. I started with 8 skeins. Each skein, except one, was enough for 4 Rows. One skein had to have been wrapped wrong . . big time. I got 2.5 Rows out of it . . . not even 3 Rows. When I found this out, I used one of the yarns closest in color and finished the last row and a half of this set. 

Then, I had 3 skeins where I got 6 Rows instead of 4. Again, go figure . . . my tension couldn't have been THAT much off, but, oh well. I went back to the store and bought 8 or 9 more skeins . . some the same and some different.  

We have had SNOW this week. If  I were guessing, I think we got at least a foot, which is on to[ of a good 5-8 inches we had left from the last snow.

When Indy first went out I noticed someone had shoveled,
The paw prints on the front porch gave it away.
These belong to Nora, who lives behind us.
Hew human brother and sister LOVE to shovel
and, since their school was cancelled and they were up,
they were our "snow elves.

Poor Indy can't even get into the front yard. The snow, along with the snow that has been thrown on top of it form shoveling, snow blowing and plowing the street,  comes up to her neck.

We are supposed to get more snow between this afternoon and either Thursday night or Friday morning. If we do, it will be picture time with Indy so I can show the snow depth.

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  1. Wow that's a good amount of snow, I would stay inside, but here in UK, along the South Coast, we do not get much snow, so even the smallest amount brings us to s stand still.


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