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Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow On The Rooftops and Everywhere Else

There's no pictures 
like Snow pictures 
like no pictures I know :)

It just dawned on me,
the pile of snow,
between the street and sidewalk,
is almost as tall as our van.

Before I cleaned the snow off of the van,
the top and hood were the depth you see on the top now.
The hook was actually deeper than the roof.
And the side windows, 
on both sides,
were packed about 1" thick.

 I wanted to go out and pick up some yarn,
Michael's had 25% off of your entire purchase, 
including sale items.
You can tell which vehicle is ours in the lot.
The poor husband looks like a 
brown and grey snowman walking in front of me.

I am sure most of you know the size of trash and recycle bins.
Well, these pictures are to give you an idea
of the depth of the snow we have gotten.
Plus, the man who plows our driveway 
was going to come and clean it as much as he could
by pushing all the snow 
 to the back of the driveway.
There isn't anywhere else to put the snow.
So we moved the trash and recycle
so he had a clear shot to the back fence.

 Just wanted a picture that showed the depth
 of the snow on the front porch roof.
 Poor Indy has to have a path 
so she can get from the front to her 
"private bathroom" in the back yard.
And last,
but by no means least,
this is the sidewalk of our block.
We are the sixth roof peak
 on the right of the photo

Now, wondering how long it will take 
for it to get warm enough to start melting.
That won't happen tomorrow . . . 
with the wind chill,
it is to be 122 at 7:00 am Tuesday morning.


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  1. WOW, that's snow, much better than our 1mm, which lasted less than 30 minutes.
    Looks as if you are better dealing with it than we are here in UK. The next few weeks would be our time to see snow, maybe it's on it's way to us as I type.Half of me say's yes the other half want's to hibernate.


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