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Monday, February 9, 2015

Hockey Skates

Went into the gym Friday . . first time in 2 weeks due to the snow we've had.

As soon as I get in the door, Carol, the receptionist/jack of all trades said, "Someone wants to see you" and drags me into the doctors office next door.

Julie, in billing, is pregnant for a girl (3 boys at home and they are thrilled.) Her husband had sent her a message with a picture of a baby with some "yarn-y"  hockey skates on. She had asked Carol if she could make them for her. Carol told her they are crocheted and she knew just the person to do it." 

That had been two weeks ago and we never showed back up . . . LOLOL

I looked for the pattern. Found it and it was for sale. Being cheap, I figured I could "figure" it out.

What do you think? I know I need longer ties, but I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Last night we got another 3 inches of snow. And we are getting out downstairs ceilings painted starting today. So my day will consist of cleaning off the car, taking the hockey skate to Julie to see what she thinks and the take Indy to the Puppy Play Park for some running.

We have THE BEST place for them to run. There is an island in Ellicott Creek that the county has agreed to give to the Friends of Ellicott Creek. They have placed double gates up so we can take our dogs in and let them run. Indy LOVES it. HOpefully it will wear her down so she will sleep while Pete is here . . not bark the whole time.

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