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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Towels for Now and Later

My brother-in-laws sister gave me a call this past week. She wanted to know if I still crocheted hanging tops on kitchen towels. She had gotten a set from me several years ago at Christmas, along with everyone else in the family. She had loved it so much that it was the only set of towels she used.

Now, she has moved from Western New York to the Atlantic Coast, so she can enjoy her new grand baby. Those towels from several Christmas' ago had finally died :(

Hum, so what to make for her. She is a quilter and has full sized quilts all over the house and quilt wall hangings where full sized quilts won't work. So, basically, any color would work.

Now, out to shop. My mind's eye was seeing kitchen towels with quilt designs on them. But, of course, since I wanted them, I couldn't fins any.

BUT, I did find the prettiest towels at Walmart. And, as luck would have it, they also had some Kitchen Cotton yarn that was PERFECT for the colors in the towels . . . so, away I went.

Here is the outcome . . . and check out the buttons. I knew Joann's had these buttons and they were PERFECT !

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