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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring HAS Sprung

The weather is getting SO MUCH NICER here in Western New York. The only place one can see black encrusted snow piles is in the parking lots of shopping malls . . . and they are almost gone too.

I've been outside and trimmed most of the dead follage from last falls mums . . . they were HUGE. I must remember to shae them in July so they will form those nice, rounded mums instead of long leggy ones. Ours weren't quite rounded, but they were pretty close.

The crocus' have been blooming and blooming. Wonder how many  more days we will have them? Oh, and what do you think about the umbrella with flowers hanging on the shepherds hook? I saw the idea on Facebook and thought I would make it. I used an umbrella that belonged to my mother-n-kaw which makes it pretty special. it goes well with the top on the top step.

Last year I bought this boot at JoAnne's when it was on sale PLUS a coupon for some percentage off  of purchase including sale items. It sat on the porch ll last summer and I just couldn't find what I wanted to put in it. We found these fake ones at Michael'; this weekend. I think they look nice for spring.

The Daffy's behind the crocus' are SO CLOSE to opening. The ones in the "cemetery" will be opening a little later. Guess they aren't quite protected enough for early opening.
Hyacinths have shown their flowers through the ir leaves, and the Tulip leaves are very tall and healthy.

We bought a 2 foot x3 foot container of mixed sedum from QVC. As soon as it is a little warmer they will be going in "the cemetery" mixed among the hens and chickens and most will be the front border of the flower bed in front of the front porch. If they bloom, like they should, they will add some definite color.

I need to dig up a couple of the plants(back where the white electric cord is) in the front flower bed. The last couple of years that have almost taken over. I know when I dig them up, some of their root system will remain and we will get more of the flowers. It just won't be as thick.

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  1. Love you cheat in the boot pot, they really do look like spring.


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