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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marcus and Indy

Marcus LOVEs to snuggle up to Indy. Usually it is in bed at night. She will curl up between Indy's legs, just as close as she can get to Indy's belly, and fall asleep. If Indy moves, so does Marcus.

Last night was the firt time, in a long time, that Indy has spent most of her night by me . . . and Marcus decided she wanted to "Indy snuggle." 

Look at those APRICOT eyes. They are STUNNING in person.


  1. Lovely, my Grace won't all Purdy near her, but Purdy does like to pounce on her.

  2. Hello
    Just found your blog.
    Your cats are adorable - how nice that they snuggle up together.
    I love your spotty wellie with the flowers in!
    Happy Monday x


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