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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Flowers, Fountain and, of course, Miss Indy

I think this has been the spring of QVC. 
I saw this fountain and fell in love with it.
 Then saw a "big ass" Kitchen Aid  Food Processor
 that I thought the husband needed for his birthday. 
Then they had the neatest "slidy-thingies" to seal open bags.

We put the fountain together yesterday.
Charged the battery last night.
(That was why I liked it,
no electricity  needed.)
Added the battery and water today
and now the water is bubbling and flowing 
from top pool to the bottom base.

And "you know who" had to pose for pix too.

Can't smell anyone coming down the street,

Across the street looks safe.

Picking up a scent now.
Human, animal of charcoal grill?


  1. Indy is looking good and so are all your flowers, we are having a dry windy day here so inside most of the time. It's bank holiday tomorrow so hoping the weather might be better.

  2. Such a good guard dog. :) I love all your flowers and the fountain! I want one but we ended up just getting a solar powered bird bath (the light is solar powered, lights up at night). Happy Spring, Paula. :)


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