Leaves on this Family Tree

Friday, June 26, 2015


These three are blooming their little hearts out in the back yard.

These are Easter Lillies that my mother-in-law, Dorothy,
planted quite a few years ago,
In person the flowers look like
beautifully fried eggs whites and yolks.

These are a perennial that we planted last year.
Can't remember the name, 
but they are SO FULL.
Love Them!

And my perennial Red Geums,
or is it Guems? 
I can never remember,
we have had gold/yellow ones
but NEVER have they bloomed like this.


  1. They are beautiful and very typical to bloom so well when you are looking to move. Hope you can take them with you

  2. I have no idea what they are called; but all your flowers are beautiful. :)


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