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Friday, June 19, 2015

House Hunting . . Part One

First of all . . . Terri, "home" is Logansport. I spent from Aug 1973 - May 1979 (or was it 1980?) in Brownsburg as a 7th grade teacher. So Plainfield is in my wheelhouse.

Both h omes had, supposedly, offers made on them. I say supposedly because I ran into a friend who is house hunting too and said as far as she knows one has been unavailable for viewing for several months, but no change in the sign and the other had been listed before and everything fell through.

So we looked at the following houses...


Cute but the rooms were TINY ! ! ! ! !
And the laundry was in the basement, as was the garage.
I don't plan on doing steps for the rest of my days . . . 
at least as many as were in this home.


Again, TINY rooms.
The only place for storage was in a one car garage . . . 
now THAT will NEVER work
for two people who have a full basement and a1.5 car garage.


This house was small again.
But, they had built an addition on the back.
A basement and a family room over it.
Minimal storage in the small, partial basement, 
but no garage for car and outside things.


Said it was 2 bathrooms . . .
never actually found the 2nd one 
which was supposed to be in the basement
There was a roofed deck on the back . . . 
all of it would have needed to be removed
and replaced before I would walk on it.
Then, one corner of the fence was crunched in.
That wouldn't work with Indy :(


Couldn't find the kitchen . . . don't laugh!
Went in the front door to the living room.
The dining room was behind the living room 
with a bedroom on both sides.
Now, wouldn't you think a dining room would be by the kitchen?
Not here.
I found that when the front door opens 
it coveres the doorway to the kitchen.
We all had a good laugh out of that.
Our agent,
a former student,
said, " I have seen houses that come without 
certain things you expect, but never a missing kitchen."

Small living room but it was open to the dining and kitchen.
1.5 baths whuch was good.
Two large bedroom and a 3rd one that was smaller but nice.
Full basement and half of it was a finished family room.
Woodburning fireplace in LR and FR.
Attached garage that would fit two cars,
 if parked one behind the other.
AND, the best part of all,
there is a back door, between Master BR and kitchen
that opens on to a fenced in back yard.
Bad part . . washer and dryer in the basement
and no front porch :(

All electric and no basement . . . two bad points.
Small front porch and 1.5 baths . . . two good points.
Three bedrooms, family and living rooms and nice
eat in kitchen.
But, no fenced yard :(
I had LUSTED for this h ouse since I started looking for a house.
Couldn't wait to see the bathrooms and
how the bedrooms were set up.
When we got there, it was sad.
The back yard, had the weather been dry,
would have been tumbleweeds.
I think the grass was at least 2 feet tall . . . maybe 3.
There was an air compressor in the living room
and the floor in the dining room
was just being replaced.
Found out the man who was updating it
had died and there were no family members
so it is going to sit empty until sometime in the future :(

Last but not least, the house that would be perfect.
Location was great . . just over the bridge from town
so in the country yet close to everything.
Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, laundry on main floor,
family room, open kitchen/dining with TONS of cabinets
two car garage, partial basement and living room.
Perfect size . . maybe a little big.
Upon viewing . . .
bathtub, shower, sinks and toilets had MAJOR rust trouble.
ALmost every screen had a fist sized hole in it.
Every heat register looked like it had been beaten to death.
All walls needed painting,
carpet HAD to be replaced
and we would need to fence the back yard for Indy.
Yes sir we were like these birds on the wire . . . looking all over the place for a house we would like to call our own.


  1. We are used to small rooms over here, a few years ago when we visited USA, we went house viewing one day, your houses are huge.
    You will find your perfect one, it's worth the wait.

  2. Oh, no... It's hard finding a good house. :( I know. We've been looking for one almost since we moved here. I hope you can find the perfect one (or almost perfet), soon! I doubt I will ever find my perfect house:

    -No neighbors
    -Fenced in 5 acres. Or at least a couple.
    -4 bedrooms
    -2 baths
    -basement would be nice
    -attached 2 1/2 car garage
    -in a state I want to live in!!

    Good luck, Paula. I hope you find one soon!


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