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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Before and After

We finally did something about our old wallpapered kitchen.
This is the wall where the stove and dishwasher are located,

I just LOVE how this wall turned out.
We made the hanging lamp from a gray lampshade and
a hanging chain kit from Lowe's.

Found out when I started that the kit didn't have a socket included.
Both the husband and I thought we saw one in it
and the salesman didn't say anything about needing one.

So we headed back to Lowe's for the socket.
The instructions were SO MINUTE
that I had to put on my Mag Eyes to read it.

Finally figured it out and, low and behold,
one of the screws that needed to unscrew wouldn't.
After a lot of trial and error
I finally got the wires hooked under the screws
of the socket.

TA-DAH ! ! ! ! !

The lamp shade is a dark gray with cream.white writing on it.
I don't know French, but it looks like that may be the language.
Looks like something from a Bistro :)

This is the wall opposite the stove.
I could NEVER decide on a color for the window frame.

As you can see, I finally decided on the window frame color.
We like the hanging lamp over the stove so much
that I'm going to make another one for over the table.
(We're taking the light over the table, and a larger one that was over the stove with us when we move.)

What do ya think?

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